How to Get Your Manuscript Ready

So, you’ve got an idea for a book, got the written pieces all scattered around but want to make use of them? In this post we will talk briefly on how to get your manuscript ready, to a finished level.

Firstly, make sure it’s your polished work, your best, your favourite work that you’re putting out there. The last thing you want to do is fill your manuscript with low quality work, and mix it with the high quality stuff, the contrast will be telling. When you truly feel that your work is up to standard only then compile.

Another thing is, structuring via themes. If you’re struggling on how to structure your manuscript, you can do so by themes. If you feel one particular section touches on the same thing, compile them together. This makes for a more structured and easy to read manuscript.

Make sure the work is finished. One thing publishers don’t want to do is read unfinished work, make sure your work is finished and contains a synopsis. This gives the publisher a short little insight if he / she has to go through several a day.

Some people have the basic idea of what they want their book to look like, whether novel or non-fiction, the best practice is to time block an hour through your day to get at least 500 words done. After that you’ll be able to transition to 1000 etc.

Once you have a finished manuscript be sure to add contact details and a short bio of yourself, it helps break the ice a little, and allows them to empathise a little when reading your work.

We really hope this post helps you on your book journey.

Kind regards,

The Leaf Team.

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