Meet the Author: Michelle Nadasi

I am a writer and author. It took me a while to own those words and claim them to describe what I do. Growing up, I knew I had a talent. Then, it grew into a passion. Only over the past few years did I realize that it was a gift I was blessed with. My job was to share that gift, but I didn’t know how. I wasn’t sure where to begin.

I am a visual writer. Most of my ideas begin as a picture that forms inside my mind. The original idea for my first book, The Praying Pond, started like that. The picture and characters kept building in my head, and I couldn’t get rid of them. I finally developed it into a story. I told no one I was writing it except for one friend. Once I was done, I still wasn’t sure what to do with it. I finally decided to publish it. I had much support from family and friends, which I greatly appreciated. I was disappointed with the sales, but I realized I had to change my perspective. It wasn’t about the money. I needed to reach people for different reasons.

After that, I stopped writing for a little bit, but I still felt the tug. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was like breathing to me. I started writing again. I entered some contests. I didn’t win any. I focused on my poetry. I didn’t share it because I was afraid of negative feedback. Then, I started posting a little bit at a time on social media sites. I was surprised. I did not receive one negative comment. Instead, people loved what I wrote. I remember seeing a comment under one of my poems. It was a woman whose mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She said that the poem gave her hope. That became my new way. I shared my poetry more. My goal became to encourage people and show them the light within the darkness.

I became part of a community of fellow writers throughout social media. The support I received and still receive there is impressive. It is like one giant family. We all have different backgrounds, write in different genres, various methods of writing, but there is no breaking down of each other. We build each other up.

I decided, eventually, that I should put some of my poems together in a collection. I wanted them all in one place, so I could refer to them when I needed to recall a particular feeling or memory. That was the birth of Seek the Roses, my new poetry book I recently published through Leaf publishing. I have never been prouder. It would be amazing to sell a million copies, but I am fine with selling even one. If that one person that reads the book is touched by what I wrote, if it brings them joy and hope, then I’ve done my job.

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