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So, you may have recently taken up the courage to create a platform like Instagram (for example), where you wanted to share your own personal vision within the online creative realm. The idea at first was sure to be daunting, and you may have felt utterly vulnerable from having an audience of anonymous people giving you all kinds of possible criticism-left, right, and centre! However, this is all necessary to grow and understand what makes your online audience engage with your content, in addition to attracting possible revenue to your platform. How do I accomplish this you ask?

Well, there are a series of steps which you can follow to certainly help establish yourself more prominently on vocal and creative platforms like Instagram, WordPress, etc. 




Realistically the audience you are trying to interact with will not maintain their attention span to your content if they are unsure what your genre is about, so you need to distinguish yourself differently from every other account. DO NOT be a generic repetition and copy to everyone else. Try to be unique and bring across something obscure and rare. If on Instagram, make your bio crisp, clear, concise and put the correct contact information for people to get in touch for potential enquiries. Make it clear you are your own personal brand and not a personal profile but a public figure and influencer in fact. This also applies to any blog and website platforms, highlight a mission statement very clearly and make the introductory page a fingerprint example of who you are. Also, it is vital to generate a consistent or surplus of traffic amongst the platforms, it is an excellent idea to link both profiles together.




So, attaining the audience’s attention is not the only task you have to do- you have to maintain it too! Creating content has to become like an organised schedule to you, as it is highly competitive. A week away (and disappearance) could mean your presence can be very much undermined and forgotten. Yet remember there is a balance, do not post excessively-just enough to keep the audiences intrigued. Also, bring it upon yourself to interact back with your loyal following- engaging with them is just as important as them engaging with you. It makes it much easier to sustain the growth that you have built so far.




Familiarising yourself with the insights of your creative platform is essential. For example, on Instagram’s latest update, it allows business account users to understand where their most prominent engagement locations are. Therefore the timing of your content should be compatible with the peak time zones so you can reach the highest optimum interactions as possible. Remember in the process, to take note of the varying differences of engagement between posts, as this also is a further indiscrete insight to what the audience likes more in comparison to other content-which you can incorporate and build on later on in your posts. It has also been linked that getting in the habit of ‘vlogging’ regularly within the story feature of Instagram correlated to a greater viewing to liking engagement- that’s something else you can experiment on….


Within blogs and websites, the search engine optimisation defines the popularity your domain can have (which is a little more complicated). The keywords within your URL, the main content body, title tag and meta descriptions all prioritise your viewing potential in the search engines bar, so it is essential to not over-elaborate and use too many, as that can cause a plateau and stump to your overall progress significantly. To reflect on your success is also essential to evaluate the incoming traffic which can be achieved by using programs internally through your domain, or google analytics (a popular choice).  




An insightful way of looking to gain new interest and an audience within different locations is by networking with influencers from different areas around your region. It’s not what you know; it's who you know. Meeting up with fellow creators who have been in the field for longer or have access to a different dimension/scope in your creative niche, will expose you to new ideas, further connections and entwine your audience with theirs. Another way of enhancing your notability is by also reaching out to fellow brands which can relate to the field and genre that you pursue. Do your research and try and build your public relation contacts. It’s 2019, you no longer need to wait for clients to approach you, as long as you have proper research on the company’s that you want to be associated with in addition to a proposal idea, you will be sure to gain projects and revenue from your creative platform. It is essential that you persist without fail, one no from a company or influencer should not halter your ambitions nor your end outcome for creating your platform. Not everyone will understand your creative vision, but your perseverance will guarantee that some do. Have patience and enjoy every step of the journey, making sure to celebrate each monumental step that comes your way!

You can check out Fatima’s Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/fatimaelmusbahi/

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