Author Insider: Eleanor Russell

Why is it I write? To give my thoughts and feelings a home. To save my soul in the only way I know how. To release a passion in which knows no bounds.

I first began writing if only around 3 years ago and I have never looked back since. I've never used healthy methods when trying to cope with my mental health, it's been a struggle of mine since my early teenage years. When one day, something compelled me to pick up a pen, and rather than etching my pain onto skin, I etched it onto paper instead.

Never has anything gripped me like poetry has and I honestly feel as if this art has saved my life in many ways other than one. The poetry community on Instagram has also been such a blessing to me, I have known nothing yet constant support and encouragement, which then leads me to the book.

I had been sharing my words on this platform for a while, before I ever even thought about making a book. I found that I was getting asked more and more regularly as to when I was bringing out a collection, and with the push of my beautiful followers and my friend Adil, I sat down and completed the manuscript.

A collection of poetry, the good and the bad in my life, found a home in 'from my soul to yours'. Something tangible, for all to see and hold, a part of my legacy left on this earth forever. A legacy in which I hope, will help any of those of who it has found. All I wish for is that my words do heal those who are in need, or help to remind them they are not alone. This is my purpose, and one I am eternally glad to be a part of.

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