Tips on Using Social Media Influencers

Getting your book into the hands of potential readers is a difficult task. Whether you have a publisher or are self-published, usually, the task of promoting your book falls to you. In the traditional sense, marketing can cost quite a bit of money, and you might not have the finances to fund such a venture.

If you’ve never thought seriously of using social media to promote your work, then you’ve a wonderful world to explore. While paying for ad space on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube can carry a significant price tag, influencer marketing can be dramatically more affordable. While some influencers might charge a fee for their services, you will find some that are just in fit or the love of the hobby and will review and promote your work simply for receiving the book.

According to the digital marketing institute, influencer marketing is the fastest growing online customer-acquisition method, and 71% of marketers believe that influencer marketing partnerships are good for business.

With stats like these and the likelihood that internet and social media marketing isn’t going to be going away anytime soon, here are four tips to using influencer marketing to promote your book.

Build your own following. Before you publish your book, you should be working on making a name for yourself on social media. Create your professional profile and begin to market yourself and your writing. Start to build a following. Before an influencer accepts your offer, they will complete a quick bit of ‘research’ on you. They will analyse your online presence to see whether or not you are worth working with.

Cultivate relationships. As you begin to make a name for yourself, engage with book clubs, libraries, book stores, and other authors. Try to build friendly relationships with these groups and individuals as they can, potentially, be leads for influencers, if not influencers, themselves. Being well-liked can only increase your positive rating on social media, which will, ultimately, increase your sales.

Offer your book in exchange for a review. Reach out to influencers that you believe have the target audience you are trying to reach. Go ahead and offer them a copy of your book in exchange for a public review. Suggest that they use this book for a giveaway on their social media page. This will put the name of your book into their follower’s minds and peak their interest while, also, putting a copy of your book into the hands of another reader with an active social media presence.

Always respond. Every message, comment, or tag you receive needs to be acknowledged and responded to in a timely, friendly manner. 74% of people trust social networks to influence their purchasing decisions, so responding to them increases their buying potential if they have a positive experience. Although these people might not be top influencers, they could still drive a few others to check out your book. Everybody is important, so respond gratefully and kindly.

Although influencer marketing is a newer concept, it has already established itself as a legitimate and successful form of digital marketing. When used actively, it can become an indispensable asset to reaching your audience.

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