How To Grow Your Account On Social Media

In this post, I’ll discuss tips and tricks on how to grow your audience, and connect with people who resonate with your work. These tips generally work with the whole of social media and not just Instagram.

Firstly, consistency. This is a vital part of writing; if you want people to be exposed to your work, you’re going to have to stay consistent. A good tip is to generally, plan seven posts at the start of the week, and publish accordingly. Once you have those few recurring people on your posts, it’s a good idea to reach out to them and build a relationship. Share ideas and mind map on how to get better at writing. Continually ask for feedback to get better. It has been a vital part of my writing career, getting comfortable with your art is very important.

Follow like-minded writers or people that you genuinely enjoy, once you’ve made that initial comment on their pictures with an honest opinion. You'll have more chance of them and their audience interacting with you. The trick is to be authentic. Authenticity works every time. Once you’ve done this, you’re starting to build a small community or writers; it becomes a place of growth when you continuously challenge each other to become better writers.

Use the correct hashtags. Using the right hashtags can ensure that the right people see your work, this will secure yourself in gaining new eyes on your work. Browsing the hashtags is also a great way to find work you also love. A great tip is to only use 10-15 hashtags per post; this makes sure that Instagram doesn't shadowban (silently hide your posts from the hashtags) your posts.

Find your posting time. It's great to have your own little posting time, one that is personal to your account, once you've begun to post recurringly your audience will subconsciously be searching for your posts around your specific time, hence why consistency is important. Instagram will also favour consistent accounts on the algorithm as they know users will interact with this particular account.

Good karma. Sharing posts that you genuinely love is a great way to create good karma, this way you'll find other accounts sharing your posts because you once did.

Giving. If you already have your book published its an excellent opportunity to give your book out to fans and people that genuinely love your work. If you do come across someone with a decent following and they happen to like your work, it would be too precious of an opportunity to turn it down. Giving without expectation. Don't expect a shoutout but believe in your work, your work will most likely blow them away, naturally inciting them to share your work online with their followers. This process is much more organic than asking for things outright. You can also approach specific book influencers, although this may include a cost it's your job to test and see what works regarding your product.

We hope this post was valuable and wish you all the best on your book journey.

Regards, The Leaf Team.

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