Top Five Writing Apps

In today’s world, we have options when it comes to how we write. No longer do we live in a world where typewriters, word processors, and Microsoft Word are our only options. No two writers are alike, so why should our writing software be? We are as diverse as our readers, so, as I’m sure you can imagine, trying to find a writing platform that works for you can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in. In the golden age of cloud storage, here are 5 of the best writing apps that you’ll find in your app store.

Scrivener This platform is tailor-made for writers seeking to produce longer manuscripts or novels. Available as a desktop tool and a mobile app (which has also been optimised for the iPad), Scrivener strives to make it easy to organize your ideas. Move pages or paragraphs by simply dragging and dropping, all while creating an outline as you type. It’s unique split screen interface allows you to open two documents side by side. No more switching between windows and losing your place. Whatever your writing style, Scrivener has something for you.

IA Writer What is unique about IA Writer, is that it has many different formatting options to help highlight what YOU are focusing on. Want to center your focus on one sentence or paragraph at a time, highlight different parts of speech, or to simple rest your eyes while completing your work? IA Writer has got you covered. It can also export articles to WordPress (with Jetpack) and Medium, which is indicative of this software being best suited for shorter manuscripts and articles. Available in both a desktop tool and mobile app.

Ulysses If you like the idea of IA Writer, but are looking for an alternative that, maybe, has some more features, Ulysses has what you’re looking for. Optimized for desktop, mobile and iPad usage, Ulysses can be used to write both long and short form writing projects. It’s clean interface keeps its more advanced features out of the way in order to minimise distractions, and organises all of your projects into one centralized library.

Evernote We all know that writing is only part of the process. When inspiration strikes, you need to record it, otherwise, it could be lost forever. Available on all devices, Evernote makes note taking simple and easy. Think of this as more of a “content bucket” where you keep all of your spur of the moment ideas. You can use Evernote to cure your writer's block by going through your organised notes. Your notes can even be shared with other team members for hassle-free collaboration.

Google Docs Probably the best known of all the GSuite Software, Google Docs is a simple, versatile, all purpose writing app. Because of its basic design, Google Docs is idea for all writing styles and lengths. While similar to Microsoft Word, Google Docs allows remote collaboration. Anyone who has been given access to a document can edit and comment. Document history is saved so that all changes can be logged and approved. All documents created here are automatically saved to the Google Drive cloud. No more computer crashes and hours of lost work.

Writing is difficult enough as it is, so why struggle with software that isn’t working for you? Find the writing app that fits you and enables you to write at your full potential.

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