Why Every Author Needs A Blog

Every author could do themselves each a massive favour by getting themselves a blog; a blog is not only the purest outlet but an excellent place for you to store unpublished work, and promote your book correctly. A blog can help so many potential readers find your work; we're talking millions!

Drive people to Amazon - Having a blog is an excellent way for you to drive sales, we recommend you do this organically, by simply writing what you believe to be a great piece of content can engage users into wanting more, and that more is? Your book, and by leaving a short link at the bottom (or somewhere) on your blog you can drive potential readers to your Amazon page.

Build hype around your book - Before your book has even been released a blog is the perfect place to build buzz/hype - by simply sharing specific excerpts of the upcoming book you can excite users into pre-ordering your book. Be sure not to give too much away as they wouldnt want to have read the full thing beforehand.

Network with other authors - Having an online blog is a great way to find like-minded writers, that you can collaborate with and create a small community of your own where you share best practices for marketing etc. Guest posting on other blogs is a great and quick way to expand your readership; it will build your brand tenfold if done at scale.

Get close to readers - A blog is a sure fire way to build that connection with your existing audience, you can share your writing routines, and stuff with your personal life, ensuring that the bond is as strong as ever with your audience, after all, authors are only human.

A blog is one of many ways that can help promote your new book; we hope you gained value from this post.


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