The Sun at Dawn | Kimberly Marie

The Sun at Dawn | Kimberly Marie


Kimberly Marie presents her debut novel. Set in Victorian England, it follows a young woman challenged by memories of her past. A story of; love, healing, female resiliency, and forgiveness.

Kimberly Marie considers herself a consumer of stories. She has always embraced the beauty of imagination and its ability to transport someone to a new world, so it was only natural that she put her own imagination on paper.

Featuring character-driven plots, her works focus on the journey of her characters, creating multi-layered stories that embrace growth and the human experience. An author who refuses to label herself with a genre, Kimberly chooses to focus on the protagonists and where life takes them, rather than fitting into a predetermined mold.

Throughout school, she always had a penchant for writing, but it was not until she lived and worked in Washington, D.C. after college that she discovered a love of reading.

Having run out of room on every bookshelf in her home, she has now picked up the pen to write stories of her own.

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